Value of 7-track TU10

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at
Tue Sep 20 06:00:45 CDT 2016

> From: jnc at
> Subject: Value of 7-track TU10
> So what do people think the (monetary) value of a 7-track TU10 master drive
> is? I have no idea what these older vacuum-column drives are worth - don't
> recall ever seeing on for sale. This one is in good condition, and has all its
> Flip Chips.  The 7-track is a plus in some ways (rarer), and negative in
> others (can't read old 9-track tapes, which are probably more common than
> 7-track).
>    Noel


The TU10 would be a great addition to the PDP-9 at the RICM.

The RICM is a 501(c)(3) entity so you get a tax deduction for a donation.

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