ISO: VAXBI hardware

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Wed Sep 21 14:48:40 CDT 2016

Hi all --

I have a VAX 8250 I'm bringing up and I'd like to track down an Ethernet
adapter, this would be the T1034 (DEBNT).  There are a few on eBay, but
none include the cabling and bulkhead, which would be nice to have.

I'm also looking for a T1010 (BI to Unibus adapter), as the one in my
system is shot (and given the lack of documentation, I doubt I'm going to
be able to fix it).

Also -- any suggestions for mass storage?  I have a KDB50 (T1002, T1003
set), but SDI drives are getting harder to find.  I assume VAXBI SCSI
adapters are even more scarce than their Unibus counterparts....

Thanks as always,

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