Third release of the HP 3000 Series III simulator

J. David Bryan jdbryan at
Wed Sep 21 22:20:35 CDT 2016

The third release of the HP 3000 Series III simulator is now available from 
the Computer History Simulation Project (SIMH) site:

This release adds the cold dump facility.  Entering the DUMP command 
simulates pressing the ENABLE and DUMP front panel buttons.  The contents 
of main memory are written to an attached magnetic tape in a format 
suitable for analyzing with the DPAN4 program provided with MPE.  The new 
SET CPU DUMPDEV and SET CPU DUMPCTL options specify the default device 
number and control byte for the dump.

Also, the user may simulate a system power loss with the POWER FAIL command 
and resume powered operation with the POWER RESTORE command.  The SET CPU 
ARS/NOARS command determines whether or not MPE automatically restarts when 
power is restored.

The full set of new features is listed in the release notes that accompany 
the simulator source files.  In addition, an updated HP 3000 Simulator 
User's Guide that covers the new commands is provided in Microsoft Word 
format with the source download and also as a PDF file at:

The preconfigured MPE-V/R disc image available from Bitsavers:

...was not changed for this release.

                                      -- Dave

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