Short test programs for pdp 11/34

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Thu Sep 22 20:55:24 CDT 2016

Hello, made some progress with the pdp 11/34 I picked up a while back.
Managed to repair the faulty power supply. I am in the process of trying to
get a minimal configuration of the machine up and running.

I am looking for a short program to key in to try and test the
functionality of the cpu. Is there anywhere aside from the DEC manuals I
could go to get a quick idea of how to operate the front panel? The manual
is very in depth, however i am looking for sort of a quick start guide to
get started pretty quickly. Any site with info on how to operate the front
panel or some quick short programs i can key in would be of interest.

I  almost have the whole machine put back together on my desk, if all goes
well and it runs as expected, i want to post back with some nice orderly
pictures of it in the rack next to all the drives and the tape Drive.

Progress overall with the whole machine has been slow going, the machine
came with a heap of rsx 11 disk packs and tapes, however I am not to the
point where i can use them just yet. Ive been kinda itching to see whats on
those tapes, hopefully soon.


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