Short test programs for pdp 11/34

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Fri Sep 23 15:37:13 CDT 2016

Thanks for the helpful quick start information. Plenty of info for me to
get started with, thanks.
I will post back with the current configuration of the machine. I do have a
M9312 card installed, I just need to get the vt100 connected and see if I
can get to the console emulator prompt.


On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 11:52 AM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at>

>     > From: Devin Davison
>     >> If the machine HALTs on power-up, some micro coded diagnostic failed
> There are no microcoded diagnostics in the 11/34. The boot ROMs do contain
> minimal CPU and memory diagnostics.
>     > using pdp11gui to load the dec diagnostics sounds like the way to go.
> The CPU and UNIBUS have to be basically working for the boot ROMs (and the
> console emulator they provide via the console serial line) to work; ditto
> for
> PDP11GUI. Note that the console emulator will work without working memory,
> provided the correct boot option (console emulator without diagnostics) is
> configured on the card that holds the boot ROMs. You won't, of course, be
> able to load anything without working memory.
> And the Programmer's Console doesn't require working memory either, and a
> lot
> less of the CPU working - the CPU only has to respond to HALT requests from
> the console. (I had one /04 - very similar to the /34, uses the same front
> console - which didn't run because there was a bit stuck on in all the
> registers - but the console still worked.) It does require the UNIBUS not
> to
> be wedged, though.
>         Noel

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