DEC TC11 maindec listings?

Al Kossow aek at
Sat Sep 24 22:32:57 CDT 2016

I had it on fiche, which I scanned this afternoon.
It should be up on the bitsavers mirrors by morning PDT under pdp11/xxdp
along with rev E of the XXDP+ users guide.

I'll probably also do the RX02 diags if I can find them for Don, though
he may have them on fiche.

The step and repeat fiche scanner isn't on line yet so I used the Canon
manual positioning one. It's tedious, and it gets out of focus easily, but
they are better than nothing.

On 9/21/16 12:38 PM, Mattis Lind wrote:
> I have been looking for TC11 maindec listings in the usual places, but
> didn't find any. I think they should be named ZTCA, ZTCB, ZTCC, ZTCD and
> Does anyone know of an online location or happen to have an offline paper
> original?
> /Mattis

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