Availability of PDP-8i Front Panel

Ray Neal rayneal382 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 13:59:24 CDT 2016


I working on a project to build a PDP-8i for a combined  Compute
Science/Electronic Engineering course on design.  The purpose of this
course is to teach the basic of computer design, build and Programing a
computer they must build.  This course is still a year down the road.

I volunteer to accomplish the building of the prototype system using only
the parts available at the time the orginal computer were built.

The point of the build is, if a 70+ can sit down with the course material,
and design and build a working model of the PDP-8i, the there is no excuse
that each student attending the course, should not be able to accomplish
the same task.

1.  I would like to know if you still have your PDP-8i Front Panel still
2.  What is the cost for the panel plus shipping to Tucson, Arizona?
3.  I understands that you are attempting to re-manufacture the Switch
Rocker Assembly? And possibly the PCB board for mounting the switches?
   a.  If so, I would like to know status, and an estimated cost for a
complete set?
   B.  Would these items be compatible to with c&k 7000 u-frame series
switches assembly?

One other question I have is do you have any drawings that give both the
dimensions and profile of the mounting frame?  If so are they available?

I want to Thank You for taking the time ahead of time in answering this


Ray Neal

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