Replacing HP 700 terminal CRTs

Sun Sep 25 20:48:37 CDT 2016

sounds  like a  good  reason to have a rom cloning   party too!  Ed#  
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I picked  up a 700/60, the ANSI version of the HP 700-series terminal and 
when I took  it
apart to clean, it had a VDC 1401DP31BE inside. I swapped the CRT into a  
700/92 which
has a slightly different board, and a burned in amber tube,  and it worked 
Also I noticed the 700/96 PCB is almost identical to  the 700/60, so I'll 
try a
rom swap to see what happens.

Too bad  there aren't generally available cross reference list for terminal 
FWIW, the 700/96 has a Philips M32ECD3G CRT.

VDC is having a  "sale" on the 1401DP4 and P31. The tube price is pretty 
cheap but  the
shipping is about double when you price it against their normal $55  price. 
The shipping
goes down with quantity, so if you buy 5 or so it ends  up being about $25 
a tube and
significantly cheaper than all of the ones  listed on eBay.

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