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Not the GE 200 I am used to!   what  did it have  for a  console?
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I was  looking thru one of the yearbooks from my time at University of 
Missouri,  Rolla.  I found what I think is a photo of a GE-200.  I  
"liberated" this system or one of them to a lab I had, when they were  
mothballed, and I could swear that is what the systems were.

If  anyone recognizes them, let me know.  This is the first hint of any  
sort as to what I had.  And my memory could be wrong.  The  square 
indicator and switch style is very much like what I recall for this  
particular system.

I had gotten handed a couple of very heavy trays  of Lambda power 
supplies which clearly were for some purpose due to how  they were 
mounted.  I later found the system I think was a GE-200  neglected in a 
stockroom in the EE building and recognized that the  interconnnect would 
fit the power supply trays I had.

The system  was transistorized, not IC I might add.  That was why it took 
4 or 5  large Lambda supplies.  Luckily we had not broken the supply tray 
up  and i was able to play with it.

The other thing i think might be of  interest are several photos of an 
analog computer that the EE dept  had.  I know there was another much 
larger system in the Physics  department as well, and maybe I'll luck out 
and find a photo of it  later.

Oh, and the blond at the keypunch.  I might add that she is  probably 
retired  now.

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