UMR computer photos

Jon Elson elson at
Mon Sep 26 10:52:27 CDT 2016

On 09/26/2016 05:21 AM, jim stephens wrote:
> I was looking thru one of the yearbooks from my time at 
> University of Missouri, Rolla.  I found what I think is a 
> photo of a GE-200.  I "liberated" this system or one of 
> them to a lab I had, when they were mothballed, and I 
> could swear that is what the systems were.
> If anyone recognizes them, let me know.  This is the first 
> hint of any sort as to what I had.  And my memory could be 
> wrong.  The square indicator and switch style is very much 
> like what I recall for this particular system.
> I had gotten handed a couple of very heavy trays of Lambda 
> power supplies which clearly were for some purpose due to 
> how they were mounted.  I later found the system I think 
> was a GE-200 neglected in a stockroom in the EE building 
> and recognized that the interconnnect would fit the power 
> supply trays I had.
> The system was transistorized, not IC I might add.  That 
> was why it took 4 or 5 large Lambda supplies.  Luckily we 
> had not broken the supply tray up and i was able to play 
> with it.
> The other thing i think might be of interest are several 
> photos of an analog computer that the EE dept had.  I know 
> there was another much larger system in the Physics 
> department as well, and maybe I'll luck out and find a 
> photo of it later.
> Oh, and the blond at the keypunch.  I might add that she 
> is probably retired now.
> thanks
> Jim
Well, there's the self service card reader out in the hall 
of the computer science building (upper left corner).
Many of the other pictures look like a Pace TR-48 analog 
computer (or similar model).  I remember one of those in the 
basement of the EE building.  Yes, I saw these computers in 
the basement of EE.  The middle row, right frame shows two 
of them sitting side by side, I remember them being like 
that.  I did poke around inside, seems they ran off 
unusually high DC rails (maybe 12 or 24 V) and had HUGE 
collector load resistors, like 2 W, and the boards were 
burned below these resistors.  12-bit machine, I sort of 
vaguely thought they were made by SEL or one of the 
predecessors of SEL.  But, that is now a 40+ year old memory.


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