Fixing HP 3000 model 37 PSU

Rik Bos hp-fix at
Mon Sep 26 10:02:49 CDT 2016

Some time ago I acquired a HP 3000/37 micro, it has a faulty psu.

One of the mosfet controlling the power transistor BUX48 was shorted an blew
up the whole power stage.

Getting new fet's and power transistor wasn't the problem, but the regulator
IC also has blown.

The regulator IC is marked CC3896F made by SB and also has this number
'3713045', the only info I can find on the net is provided by the known IC
brokers from China.

I'd like to get this box running again, so I'm looking for the IC or a
replacement PSU which is an ITT PEC 3945 P/N 6064265.

Any other info about it like diagrams and datasheets about the CC3896F are
also welcome.











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