KT11-B Paging Option engineering drawings and 'Technical Manual' online

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Sep 28 09:15:15 CDT 2016

So, the KT11-B Paging Option engineering drawings recently made their
appearance online:


After a good bit of study of them, I have prepared a 'Technical Manual' for
the KT11-B, somewhat in the flavour of the old DEC technical manuals:


since the prints, by themselves, are fairly inscrutable: an incredibly large
mass of gates (almost no MSI, other than a couple of Flip Chips included in
the drawings as modules).

The article basically attempts to describe how the thing works internally; it
includes sections which describe the function (i.e. point) and operation of
the circuitry on each page of the prints, and there's also a signal
dictionary which describes what all the major signals mean/do.

It's not quite absolutely complete, but it's 96% there at this point; I am
still working on it. One thing I do intend to add (when I can work it out :-)
is to annotate the table of states with info one what each states _means_.

If anyone is particularly interested in this device, and reads the article, I
would be very grateful for feedback on what's still missing that I could add,
suggestions for better organization, etc, etc.


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