Atari 1400XL for sale...

Wed Sep 28 21:27:00 CDT 2016

We have several Atari in the museum's collection is this really  rare?  I 
will have  to go check which we have...  we were given a bath  of  as new in 
box   cpu, monitors, etc etc... What is a good  reference  site 
for  us to come up to speed on   this  gear?
Thanks  Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ (  
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> Subject: Atari 1400XL  for sale...
> I saw one of these go on Ebay recently and I'm  considering sell my 
> Looking for a respectable amount, so if  you are interested, please don't 
> offer low ball offers. Please  contact me off list to discuss, thank you.
>  Curt

Ethan  O'Toole

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