Is anyone making replacement clear labels for DEC gear?

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Wed Sep 28 16:46:03 CDT 2016

Hi, All,

I'm restoring some stuff from the mid 1970s and a recent acquisition
was previously cleaned of mouse damage but needs to be sanded and
repainted by me.  One aspect of it is that some of the labels are
damaged (but some can probably be masked and painted around).  The
level of damage I'm talking about looks a bit like this...

Most of the item intact, but rust and scale to be cleaned, sanded,
primed and painted.  The damage to the label in that pic is

I have access to all the modern tools, so it's easy to print black on
clear adhesive sheet, but not so much with white.  Before embarking on
spinning up a process, I thought I'd ask if anyone has already done
so.  In particular interest to me is the era from about 1965-1980,
from PDP-8s through PDP-11s and VAX-11 machines, both CPUs and
peripherals.  I would like to get close matches and I already know in
some cases, there just aren't close matches with modern TrueType font
files.  I can, of course, just take photos of the label areas now,
restore the damage, and put on stickers some time in the future, but
doing it all at once has its own appeal


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