Does anyone actually have a KT11-B?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Sep 30 19:04:47 CDT 2016

So, does anyone out there actually have a KT11-B? I ask because I have just
realized that the "KT11-B" sold on eBay:

was not, in fact, a KT11-B! If you look closely at the pictures of the unit
in the back of the cabinet:

although it has the quad-high backplane of the general type used by the
KT11-B, the Flip Chips plugged in are completely not those given in the Flip
Chip chart for the KT11-B:

Rather, the ones shown in the images show it to be (mostly) an RK11-C. Cool,
but nowhere near as cool as a KT11-B. (On a cool scale of 10, I rank the
RK11-C as a 6, a TC11 as an 8, and a KT11-B as a 23.)

I say "mostly" because there appear to be extra cards on the right hand end;
whether those are some sort of upgrade to the RK11-C, or whether someone just
stored spare Flip Chips out there, I have no idea.


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