Stuffing boards with pulled QFP chips

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> > Before building my most recent project (which involves an
> > unpleasantly small-pitched TSOP package housing multiple RS232 level
> > converters) I asked experts at work (technicians who do a lot of fine
> > detail soldering) about RoHS.
> > 
> > The answer was very clear.  If you must use that stuff because of
> > regulations, that's one thing.  If it's for your own use and the
> > rules aren't applicable, don't be silly, use real solder.
> That goes for repairing things also.   I owned a Volvo in the late 90s
> that would develop strange electrical problems, such as the headlights
> suddenly not working.  The culprit was the Bosch relay modules, many of
> which had small PCBs in them.  Resoldering the PCBs with real solder did
> the job until I sold the thing.  The audio system is similarly
> affected--if the audio suddenly drops out, grab the soldering  iron.

Read this:

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