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Wed Apr 12 13:26:19 CDT 2017

I use SDL daily... But my SDL is DEC¹s Structure Definition Language, a
language to define structures and export them to be used in Macro-32,
Bliss, and C.

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>On 04/12/2017 09:46 AM, Stefan Skoglund via cctalk wrote:
>> Anyone with access to a distribution of SDT (Telelogik's SDL
>> programming system) for old era SunOS 4 ? I have a SS10 which is a
>> beggar for SDT (or KEE or Frame.)
>Well, there you go--another reason for the tower of Babel.  STL, at
>first glance for me, brings up "Standard Template Library".  I have no
>doubt that there are at least a half-dozen other language-related
>meanings for this acronym.
>SDL = System Definition Language, from the 1960s, almost completely
>forgotten now.  Then there's SDL = Specification and Description Language:
>If I had to shake a stick at all computer languages, I'd run out of

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