If C is so evil why is it so successful?

Jerry Weiss jsw at ieee.org
Thu Apr 13 19:47:45 CDT 2017

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>>> BASIC, why is that the most universal language implemented on
>>> nearly every micro and many other systems.
>> Because it was the language offered on the GEIS timesharing system
>> when a private boys' school in Seattle decided to teach programming
>> in 1969?  And on the systems at HP where a young technician was
>> working in 1975?
> Not forgetting that writing a BASIC interpreter that resides in 4KB is a
> relatively simple task.
> There were other interpreted BASIC-like languages before that; e.g. IITRAN.
> --Chuck

IITRAN  That’s one I haven’t heard of in quite some time.  

In the late 60’s early 70’s, I first started with BASIC on a GEIS system that my 
BSA Explorer Post had access to. About the same time my  
Long Island (NY) high school had access to the 
BOCES LIRICS system with more BASIC and then Fortran.  

Then my dad got transferred to Chicago and that 
high school had “access” to IITRAN.  By access, that
meant punching cards, and waiting for the teacher to
load in batch and waiting for the results.   

Losing the interactive aspect overshadowed the language features.

Jerry WB9MRI

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