Silent 700 thermal paper

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On April 15, 2017 8:23:18 PM CDT, Paul Berger via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
>It would not hurt it to try, at worst the printout would be faint, how 
>well the paper survives depends a lot on how it was stored.  Direct 
>sunlight definitely will degrade the paper that is why it is often in 
>black bags.  If the paper is 8.5" wide you could use the roll paper for
>thermal fax machines, that paper should be readily available at office 
>supply stores.
>On 2017-04-15 10:05 PM, Charles Dickman via cctalk wrote:
>> How long does it last?
>> I have two Silent 700 terminals that have not been used since the
>> mid-80's and a box of thermal paper. Is the thermal paper any good or
>> should I get some more before I try to play with the terminals.
>> Is paper that wide available new and not NOS? I bought some TTY paper
>> and it was NOS and so it is just about to disintegrate before I use
>> it.
>> -chuck

I have used new thermal FAX paper purchased at Staples within the last two years in both Silent 700 model 725 (first generation) and model 745 (second gen) terminals with great success.

I've found that even if the old paper hasn't darkened due to sunlight or more significantly, heat, age makes it brittle and so I decided not to risk it being too stiff or abrasive and damaging the print head. YMMV.

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Chris Elmquist

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