Research info needed.In early days-(60's) develop Blind/ RTTY asn Comp. Output

Wed Apr 19 17:25:14 CDT 2017

Research info needed.In early days-(60's) there was an effort  to develop 
Blind/Deaf Blind Amateur Radio RTTY and computer output utilizing  assistive 
technology with braille output. There were also efforts for computer  output 
devices also.


Please respond OFFLIST so we do not clog the  reflector.

We are seeking more information,materials, and stories (This is  a history 
project for SMECC Communications and Computation Museum) 


Note I have checked google and other things ALREADY! -  I

HAVE NOT checked some of the online but restricted access 

database of publications that may bot be indexed in google so  if 

something looks really great drop it to  us.


We are primarily looking for material and stories from 

the 60's and 70s - But before ok! (If there was  any?)

and after... yes if during the early development  phases


We have the following questions:


- Aside from Ray Morrison, who else was working on  this?


- Anyone here work with Ray on this or have photos of gear and  paperwork?


- Although we have some of Ray Morrison's articles, we are  looking for 
other letters, documents hardware, memories of use  etc.


- ` Are there any Blind / Deaf Blind RTTY or computer users  here today 

that participated in this effort?


- Are there any Blind/Deaf Blind CURRENT participants Amateur  Radio 

RTTY or other digital modes with assistive technology producing  braille 



- Anyone use Lee Brody's Deaf Blind Communication terminal hand  have a 

recounting of it or still have an example of the hardware? 


- Looking for Computer output devices and information, photos,  stories 
etc, by any developer or user from the 60's and 70s primarily but later  
material will go into the archives on this subject as well. Nowadays there are  
plenty of things, but way back then... not so much!


- Feel free to send me anything you think I should know related  to the 
above topics that I may not have hinted on, but you think I  need.


Thanks in Advance -

Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC _www.smecc.org_  ( 


E-mail direct at couryhouse at also please cc  info at


Snail mail to:



Attn. Ed Sharpe - Archivist

5802 W. Palmaire Ave

Glendale AZ 85301  USA

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