Bitsavers size

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Thu Apr 20 12:55:09 CDT 2017

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 6:49 PM, Shoppa, Tim via cctalk
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> Ben asks:
>> Just how big is the server?
>> As a wish list, I've always wanted that as a offline set of DVD's for the common stuff.
> The bitsavers archive is 267 Gbytes.
> So at 4.7G per DVD, it comes out to almost 60 DVD's.

That is not totally ridiculous....

Now, if I want bitsavers on paper tape....

> I remember a PDQ Bach radio quiz show where the prize was The Wagner Ring
> Cycle on convenient 45 RPM records.

Two things are now going through my mind...

Flanders and Swann :
"I've an opera here you shan't escape
On miles and miles of recording tape"
(from 'A song of reproduction')

And Blackadder
"The german reputation for cruelty is well founded
Their operas last several days"


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