Bitsavers size

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu Apr 20 16:35:57 CDT 2017

>> The bitsavers archive is 267 Gbytes.
>> So at 4.7G per DVD, it comes out to almost 60 DVD's.
> I would suggest using Blue-Ray media, at 25GB or 50GB per disk.  We're then
> down to 6 or 11 platters.

It would only be a bit more than a million 8" SSSD floppies.

Cheapest might be to send it out on a 1/2TB hard disk.

If you worry about survivability of transport abuse,
then it could easily be resent if it arrives destroyed,
OR use a few 2.5" SSDs, 
although those should be copied to spinning rust on receipt,
as their longevity is uncertain.

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