Bitsavers size

Jay West jwest at
Fri Apr 21 09:14:06 CDT 2017

Alexandre wrote...
Is there interesting of having a "comunity backup" of bitsavers in Brazil?

I just host the main repository and rsyncd to the mirrors. The site is 100% owned and maintained by Al Kossow. So.... you'd need to ask that question of Al as he's the one that decides how many mirrors and where and who.

As I recall - two primary rules are that any mirrors that offer the content publicly, must not make any presentation changes. They must mirror the site exactly as the original, no changes to the files or presentation. In addition, the files all remain as bitsavers files (you cant get a mirror, sync the contents, and then say it's all yours and represent it as such, nor add your own files to it). Otherwise - no more mirror for you ;)

At least, that's my recollection. Of course, AEK is in charge of all that, I just implement what he wishes :)

Questions or comments about this should all be directed to Al via email... his baby.


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