bitsavers rsync server down

Jay West jwest at
Fri Apr 21 09:22:51 CDT 2017

Sam wrote…

How does one back up a system like that?

Well, it’s rsynced to X mirror sites around the globe (where X is I forgot, but I believe around 8 or 10 sites). So one site going dark isn’t going to make the content go away – even if the dead site is the master site on classiccmp. The frequency of the rsync is up to each mirror ISTR, but many do rsync daily.

Second, most of the classiccmp server is rsynced from the datacenter to a 12tb nas at my house about once a month just in case something bad happens.

It’s not a perfect system, but should be adequate. I’ve been pondering a few modifications to the above lately what with all the shuffling going around anyways….





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