Did we miss the 20th anniversary of classiccmp?

Thomas Kula kula at tproa.net
Fri Apr 21 11:36:51 CDT 2017

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 05:18:03PM +0100, Tony Duell via cctalk wrote:
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> > On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 09:34:52AM -0500, Jay West via cctalk wrote:
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> >> But that being said... we should have had a party or something *grin*.
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> >
> > You could argue that years are index starting from zero. Thus the
> > 20-year celebration is next year and we have ample time to prepare.
> >
> > (It's what we did when we missed an anniversery for the computer science
> > programme).
> At least in the UK it is tradition to celebrate a person's 21st birthday
> (coming of age and all that). So perhaps the same applies to mailing
> lists :-)
> Somewhere I have a 21st birthday card that a certain classic computer
> enthiast (now alas passed away) sent, not to me, but to my PDP11/45...

To be fair, while we may have missed the 020th and 20th anniversaries,
we're well ahead of the 0x20th anniversary. 

So --- what base are we using?

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