Ford-Higgins Powerframe QBUS Docs

Jason T silent700 at
Tue Apr 25 15:46:55 CDT 2017

I have scanned the manuals that came with my Ford-Higgins Powerframe
machine.  It is a QBUS PDP-11/73 machine in what looks a whole lot
like a DEC BA23 enclosure.  Not sure if it's a clone or a licensed
rebadge.  The CPU board is DEC, the memory is a Clearpoint  P/N
3325/300 (size unknown) and the disk controller is a Dilog DQ215 P/N
33214701 (SMD?).  It has a combo fixed-disk/cart drive that their docs
call an RC40.  That looks like a DEC part # but doesn't seem to be
anything they made.

There's very little out there about them (I found a 1992 Usenet post
from someone asking "what is this thing??") so I wanted to fast-track
these docs online.

And some photos:

The machine has been given to a friend in search of a QBUS project, so
I don't have any more pics at the moment.


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