ISO Matrox Multibus SX-900 graphics card manual

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Thu Apr 27 02:37:02 CDT 2017

On Apr 26, 2017, at 6:01 PM, Glen Slick via cctech wrote:

> While on the topic of Matrox graphics boards from around the same time
> frame, does anyone know of any Matrox boards that use an NS32016 CPU
> other than the QG-640?

The Matrox PG-640. Same graphics accelerator, but for PC compatibles. I just happened to have one sitting out on the counter. I checked it and it definitely has an NS32016 on it.

The PG-640 is a dual-width 8-bit ISA card (instead of QBus for the QG-640). It's supposed to be compatible with the IBM PGC, but presumably only if your software behaves and doesn't try to program the 8086 on the PGC directly. My experience with the supposedly-PGC-compatible Vermont Microsystems Image Manager 1024 is that it is compatible (AutoCAD), except when it isn't (Generic CADD). I haven't actually tried to use the PG-640 yet so I can't say more about this. 

The PG-640 is supposed to be faster than the PGC, too. Perhaps it is, except when it isn't.


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