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Tue Aug 1 09:02:04 CDT 2017

$250 for those dimension across the country is a pretty good quote via LTL,
do you know what class the quote was done against ?

As to not being able to strap down, its pretty easy. Go to you cheapie
parts house or if you have a Harbor Freight get 4 web tie downs. 4 if not
long enough for each.

If you can get it to a LTL'ers dock and you know them well enough they will
strap it down for you, might have to hand the guy doing it $10.

Or find a place that ships a lot of stuff and do the same there.

Oh .. and find a place that receives a lot of large shipments and you can
usually get for free plenty of corner and edge protectors.

I haven't had to pay for LTL size shipping supplies in 20 years.

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> > On Jul 31, 2017, at 11:15 PM, Ali via cctech <cctech at>
> wrote:
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> > I know this topic comes up pretty regularly and I am sorry to post about
> it again but any recommendations for a freight shipper from Atlanta, GA to
> LA, CA?
> >
> > I am trying to ship an empty 22U Rack. The seller can wrap it and place
> it on a pallet but cannot strap it down.
> That sounds like a problem.  If it's not strapped down, it is unlikely to
> stay on the pallet.
> Standard shipping straps may be hard to find for an amateur, but small
> truck type webbing ratchet straps can be found at car parts stores and will
> hold something like this perfectly well.
>         paul

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