SPARCstation 20 and dual CPUs

Erik Baigar erik at
Fri Aug 4 13:57:40 CDT 2017

On Fri, 4 Aug 2017, John P. Willis via cctalk wrote:

> Does anyone know if there is some physical jumper or OpenBoot parameter 
> required in order to enable multiprocessor support on a SPARCstation 20?

I do not know of such a switch/jumper. Both my SS2 I upgraded
to 2-CPU and 2*2 CPU did not require some change to the
NVRAM settings or changing a jumper. But there was a FirwarePROM
with the CPU-Sets (HyperSPARC). Probably you should try moving
not only the CPU but also the EPROM with firmware to check this...

Best regards from Germany,


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