TRS80 Model 1 video RAM (2102A)

Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Fri Dec 1 13:18:06 CST 2017

Hi folks,

After sorting out the Model 4P (thanks to all who provided hints!) and scrubbing it up so it almost looks new again I turned attention to my Model 1 Level II which had been dead for at least the same amount of time as the Model 4. There’s some excellent troubleshooting tips for these machines out there and I quickly discovered a bad RAM chip, swap that for a NOS one and we’d be back in business if the video RAM wasn’t failing.

One of the 4 2102A chips is failing (MEM SIZE becomes OEO SIZE) and I’d like to double check this before I stump up the ukp4 required for a pair of NOS ones, can anyone think of a machine from back then that also used 2102A or 2102LPFC or NTE2102 video RAM?


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