Can anyone identify what this board is/does?

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Fri Dec 1 22:32:31 CST 2017

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> EBay listing for a "Soviet Magnetic Ferrite Core Memory Board". It looks
> like 20 something gigantic cores and a lot of diodes. I am guessing it is
> some kind of ROM, but it doesn't look like a rope memory. And maybe the
> cores are not cores at all, but some sort of inductor. I've not seen this
> before.

The last picture has "ДЗУ-5". Some googling takes us to

"DZU is a factory in Stara Zagora , a major producer of magnetic disk
storage devices (hard drives and floppy disks) during the rise of computer
production in Bulgaria in the 1970s and 1980s, century. Today it is part of
VIDEOTON Holding ZRt., Hungary [1] ."

The article says it was a disk drive factory, but maybe...

-- Charles

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