OT: Argh--my old faithful HP16C is failing!

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sat Dec 2 22:39:48 CST 2017

On 12/02/2017 05:18 PM, Paul Berger via cctalk wrote:
> A good source of replacement displays is from 12C of the same vintage,
> there was lots of them produced and they can often be obtained for a
> reasonable cost.  If you you look in the archives of the forums on
> hpmuseum.org you will find advise on what to look for for a suitable
> replacement.  I have done the surgery myself and it is not too difficult.

That's good to know.   Yes, the ground seems to be littered with used
12Cs; I wasn't sure if the LCD was compatible.   I"ll do some reading.

Certainly less expensive that getting the 16C clone from the guy in


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