Writeup on Preventing Third-party SMTP Relay MULTINET

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 17:29:43 CST 2017

If anyone is interested, I documented a fairly easy way to prevent third
party SMTP relaying with MULTINET 4.1 on a VMS 5 MicroVAX.


I did cheat a little...I set up an email alias on my modern mail server to
forward messages to a single email address on the VAX.  This was necessary
because otherwise I'd have to have added the mail host ID of every mail
server permitted to send email to users on the VAX.  Also, I will have to
create an alias on the modern mail server for every VAX user who wanted to
get mail.

I agree ultimately that MULTINET email is too limited, but for my purposes
I am satisfied.  It's just for the learning experience.


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