OT: Argh--my old faithful HP16C is failing!

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed Dec 6 12:07:55 CST 2017

On 12/03/2017 10:00 AM, Tony Duell wrote:

> That sounds like the original version with the separate logic module.
> I think the display is the same between the 2 versions. I am also
> pretty sure the same display is used in all the old Voyagers (there
> are annunciators on it that are not used on some models, but they
> are still there on the display of that model). AFAIK the difference
> between the models is the firmware.

Please forgive the delayed response--for some reason, the CCTalk server
belched up a bunch of messages dating from 30 November onward today.

I've read a bit on the HPMuseum forums that indicate that early displays
aren't interchangeable with later ones--the later ones apparently use a
finer-pitch connector.

My own HP 16C has a serial number beginning with 2228A..., which I
believe puts its date of manufacture in 1982, so my fingers are crossed
to see if the "old" HP12C that I picked up on eBay is even close in
terms of display connections.


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