Revive 11/34

John Welch jcwelch at
Fri Dec 8 14:25:34 CST 2017

I am reviving an 11/34. Cards are:

Back/Fans [M8266--------]  Front of machine where keypad is.


           [M9312] [M7859]


           [OPEN]  [M7860]


           Bus grant in third from front slot

           [M9302] [M7856]
The 7856 is hooked to a cable/null modem (i think)/PC running 

When I first powered on the programmers console said '7' and I powered 
off, then back on, and now it says '5'

Any suggestions as to what to try first?  I may have the bus grant in 
backwards.  I have other boards I can try.

John Welch

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