Epson PX-8 specifically TF-10 problem...

allison allisonportable at
Sat Dec 9 17:52:09 CST 2017

I have several Epson PX-8s and i used them.. They work well with the
various wedges I have.

I also Have a PF-10 which is the portable 3.5" 40 track two side floppy.

The problem is it randomly does not turn the media unless I give it a
push to get it turning.

Things checked:
* Batteries, NEW fully charge (Both).
* internal Power supplies, current voltage and bridged with external
   supplies does not help.
* media checked for binding, it does not.

 When it turns it reads and writes correctly and at the correct speed.
 It may do so without help for many tries then will stop required a
manual push.

At first glance I though there were motor bearing issues but have verified
this is not so.   If I force motor on and restrain it I has good torque
and no
dead spots.  All signals in the motor control look good on the scope.

Any thoughts?


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