Looking for AMP / TE coaxial connectors - Memorex 651 drive

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 14:45:00 CST 2017


I am about to start with the project to archive disks from the Incoterm

This system makes use of the Memorex 651 drive which is somewhat odd. It
has 64 tracks,is hard sectored with 32 sectors and spins at 375 rpm.

But I do have the drive which hopefully still is working. However the
interface connector is nothing like I seen on a floppy drive before.


It is a AMP 202515-1 housing. The mating 202516-1 which I need is still in
production and available for purchase from Mouser. The small coaxial
connectors on the other hand has a minimum order of 1000 units and costs 10
euros each...


Does anyone know of a source selling something like three coaxial
connectors like this at decent price?

Or maybe a suggestion for another connector that could be modified into fit
somehow? Potentially using glue to fixate it.

Of course the last resort is to just solder some wires directly onto the
drive PCB, but if there is a nice solution I try that first.

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