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Mon Dec 11 16:12:02 CST 2017

Latest updates...

I've taken the downloads for Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01-6 and 7.01-7,
trimmed the boot disk image to work with Virtualbox, added the actual
files to make the boot images bootable, and also added in the other
updated commands -- SYS.COM, XCOPY, TASKMGR, SHARE, and their README
files etc.

I've re-zipped them and put them on Dropbox.

Here are the links:





and the previous one, as before...

7.01-8 WIP:


By all means please mirror these elsewhere.

To use them, the easiest way is to get a copy of DR-DOS 7.01, e.g.



Install in a VM.


Boot from my boot disk image, SYS the hard disk, and copy the other
files into C:\DOS or whatever you called it.

I will follow with complete VM images in time, but I'm back at work
after 7 weeks off sick, and I'm just too tired at the moment.

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