All I want for Christmas is an RK8E

Charles Dickman chd at
Mon Dec 11 21:29:39 CST 2017

About 15 years ago I told my girlfriend I wanted an RX8E controller
board for Christmas. I was curious how far she might go to get it for
me. I ended up with two packages: one from her 8 year old daughter
with a bit of 1x8 pine plank (If he wants a board, I'll get him a
board!), the other package was an M8357 that she probably paid way to
much for... Now the girlfriend is my wife and the daughter is getting

This Christmas I am asking for an RK8E. I doubt it can be found at a reseller.

So does anyone have or know of an OMNIBUS RK8E boardset they are
willing to part with?  This is an M7104, M7105, and M7106 along with 4
over-the-top edge connector blocks. I have two RK05 drives for a
PDP-11, but my goal is to build an RK05 emulator based on Dave
Gesswein's ST506 disk emulator.

Merry Christmas,


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