Looking for AMP / TE coaxial connectors - Memorex 651 drive

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 04:22:37 CST 2017

>  A quick Internet search returns this link:
> <http://www.buy-components.com/components/te-
> connectivity-amp/201146-2.html>
> and they both claim to have this part in stock and sell it in arbitrary
> quantities, although they do not seem to do retail sales.  You might try
> contacting them regardless outlining what your problem is and they might
> be willing to help.
>  NB I have nothing to do with them; it's just a generic attempt to help.
>   Maciej

Well. I am a bit sceptical against all those "components vendors" that
popups when googling. Usually they actually don't have the component. If
they had it why bother about inquiry? Why not just sell it? Anyway there
are some evidence that buy-components is a scam:


There seem to be very few real surplus sellers out there. I have dealt with
www.electronicsurplus.com and www.surplussales.com earlier without any
problem. They are a companies that actually sell stuff.. Unfortunately they
don't have it.

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