Picked up beige Mac G3

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I'd only disagree with 1 bit of this.

> - Use MacOS 9.

They run 10.2 fine and can be coaxed into 10.3 quite readily with XPostFacto.

They will take any standard ATA hard disk. Stick in one of up to 128GB
 -- they run into problems with drives bigger than that -- and
dual-boot both MacOS 9.2.2 and OS X.

(OS X must go inside the first 8GB of the drive. I think MacOS 9 doesn't care.)

OS X is _far_ more internet-capable and it can read and write almost
any old CD or DVD-ROM and happily read and write USB keys (if you
stick a cheap commodity USB2 or USB2+Firewire PCI card in there).

They use PC100 SD-RAM too, so 192MB - 384MB RAM is easy -- almost any
old 64MB or 128MB DIMMs will work.

With certain very special DIMMs you can have 3 x 256MB for 768MB RAM,
but they are hard to find.

Although they make a very fast Classic MacOS box and a fairly slow OS
X one, I found it very worthwhile to have OS X on there, even if just
for downloading all the various tools and things you need to get
Classic MacOS running nicely.



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