Picked up beige Mac G3

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Tue Dec 12 12:41:51 CST 2017

> I went through a number of "this totally works on a beige G3" MacOS 8.x and
> 9.x ISOs before finding one that would boot my beige G3 desktop. I think it
> ended up being MacOS 9.2.1.

There is a "boot-any" CD from the last eMac that can boot OS 9 that will boot
any OS 9.2.2-compatible Mac, of which the beige G3 should qualify. The
part# is 691-4323-A.

9.2.2 has some slight performance improvements on native G3 and New World
systems, but for my other beige Macs I prefer 9.1.

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