Looking for AMP / TE coaxial connectors - Memorex 651 drive

Tom Gardner t.gardner at computer.org
Wed Dec 13 16:40:36 CST 2017

Personally I can’t recommend any company selling used parts stripped from surplus equipment but I recall several being discussed in this thread.


My recollection in the 2311 and 2314 class disk drives from IBM, Memorex, ISS (sold by Itel and Telex), Calcomp, CDC, Ampex, etc all used M series for both the data and control cables.  The data cables were hermaphroditic with  two or three coax connector receptacles and a number of sockets at each end mating to the corresponding connectors in the drive and controller.  So what u really want to find is a data cable from these very old drives (or at least one half of one) and strip out the sockets.


It maybe the 651 used the same connector block as the 2314 class data cables; I doubt if Memorex had the money to pay AMP for a custom block so they just used the connector block that was in their 2311/2314 line – IBM paid AMP for that block J


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It  is from the AMP M series connector family used in the data cable for the IBM 2311/2314 and PCM equivalents including double density like the ISS 715 (RP03?).  So some of the parts strippers should have lots.


What parts strippers is this? Did these drives use coax connectors as well? If someone see a used M-series with coax connector please save it! I am very interested in used parts as well.


Using coax at the FDD data rate was overkill so unless you want to preserve the connector for historical purposes u should be able to push out and then remove the pins and connect the wires to whatever connector suits u - flat cable connector for the control signal cable and whatever works for the three coaxes  (coax to twisted pair should work).


I don't want to replace the current connector since the mating connector in the drive controller needs it. I just want something proper if possible to use when dumping the disks. But I don't want to spend a fortune of course. If not possible I simply solder wires to the relevant points on the drive circuit board.









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