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Thu Dec 14 07:59:06 CST 2017

On Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 8:23 AM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk <
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>     > From: William Degnan
>     > 1) the console rom does not go in any of the 4 bootstrap slots, these
>     > should be empty for now. There is a special console rom slot.
> Just to clarify, by "slot", you don't mean 'backplane slot', you mean
> 'socket
> (on the card)', right?

Yes of course bad choice of words.  The console ROM socket is separate from
the 4 bootstrap ROM sockets.

> Also, note that the console/diagnostic ROM is a different size (bit-wise;
> I'm
> not sure about the physical package) from the bootstrap ROMs.
>     > 6) possibly the only switch to worry about now is the power on auto
>     > jump to console switch.
> I'd leave that, too, until we get the software console to run when started
> manually - at the moment, the ROM's not working, so that switch is
> irrelevant.

Yes but if it's on and when you power up the system no @ sign appears at
the terminal that says it's not autostarting the console.  At least knowing
what to expect (off or on) is what's important.

As I said, the 11/04 has specific wire jumper settings.  Such as W8.  These
must be correct for the CPU, the UNIBUS must be in a non DC LO AC LO, etc.
I went through all this with my 11/40 (not 04) and it was a great way to
learn about and diagnose the machine function.


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