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John Welch jcwelch at hal-pc.org
Thu Dec 14 09:28:54 CST 2017

The "@" is on the screen in HyperTerminal.

I have 4 M9312 cards.  Three have W8 jumped, one did not.  I put in the 
M9312 w/o W8 and when I power on I see the "@" on the screen.

Now for the next snag. The bitsavers document suggests L<SPC>777<CR> ; 
E<SPC> which should echo some digits.  However nothing pops up.

So I am wondering if I have the handshaking set right?

On 12/14/2017 6:47 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: John Welch
>      > CLR
>      > 765000
>      > LAD
>      > EXAM
>      > 'Bus Err' light comes on.
> Oooh, that's very interesting, and illuminative. The ROM isn't working (so
> there's no way for the software console to work - its code is in that ROM).
> So look at Section 1.5 of the Technical Manual
>    http://bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/unibus/M9312_TechRef.pdf
> and make sure all the jumpers on the M9312 are as required. In particular,
> jumper W-8 should be _out_.
> If it's not, that would explain why the ROM at 765000 isn't resonding. If it's
> in, that M9312 board probably has a problem.
> Also, while we're at it, it's probably worth making sure the CPU will
> run. Do this:
>    CLR
>    LAD
>    777		(This is a 'branch .' instruction)
>    DEP
>    EXAM		(Should display '777')
>    CLR		(I think you can dispense with these
>    LAD		two, but just to be safe...)
>    'Run' light should come on
>    'Run' light should go out, should display '0' (or maybe '2', I forget)
>      > Do you know which color wire (red, clear, black) goes to which festoon
>      > connector (TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4)?
> I would leave them all disconnected for the moment; you don't need them. One
> is the 'boot' switch on the console, and its ground. The other is the 'boot on
> power on enable' (a duplicate of S1-2), and its ground. Since we're trying to
> manually start the ROM console from the front console, they aren't needed for
> that.
> I don't recall offhand which one connects to which - I will have to check.
>      > Don't want to blow anything up.
> Not sure it will harm anything if you connect things wrongly, but that's
> not tested.
> 	Noel

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