RL02 hook up to 11/04

John Welch jcwelch at hal-pc.org
Thu Dec 14 09:59:09 CST 2017

Now that I have the 11/04 running the next step is to hook up to the RL02.

I need to run a cable from the M7762 to one of the connectors on the 
back of the RL02.  I have cabling stripped from a 11/04.
Is there a terminator that goes on the other connector on the RL02? The 
machine that was stripped actually was a RL01, I hope the cable is the 
same and if not someone will be able to advise me on that.

Do I need to set any jumpers on the M7762?

Are there any other things I should do the the RL02 prior to plugging it 
into the wall and powering it on?

John Welch

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