New Items from VintageTech Archives For Sale: S-100 & DEC boards and miscellaneous

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at
Thu Dec 14 17:29:36 CST 2017

Hello all.  I am posting these new items for sale.  The master list is at
the following URL:

New Items for December 14, 2017


IMSAI VIO - 80x24 character display board used with IMSAI VDP-80; has (3)
gold-lidded Intel C2708 EPROMS - $175
North Star Computers 16K RAM Board - qty. 2; fully populated - $40 each /
$70 for the pair
North Star Computers MDC-4A Micro-Disk Controller - $85
Dynabyte 32K Fully Static RAM Module - fully populated; with original
Operating Manual - $50
California Computer Systems Model 2065 64K Dynamic Memory - no RAM chips -
Cromemco TU-ART - w/ two ribbon cables terminating in DB-25 (male) and
original manual - $25
MSD S100 floppy disk controller with INS1771D chip - $20
Vector 3690-12 S-100 Test Extender - new old stock, still sealed in Vector
plastic packaging - $45 (<-- hint: good deal)


Camintonn 254 - 1MB QBus RAM boards - qty. 2 - $75 each / $140 for the pair
Homebrew/prototype(?) wire-wrap Unibus board wired with (2) Intel P2855A
and support chips; 8136-LG498-33-2; can be re-used - $35
M8396 DMF32 I/O - $20
M9202 Unibus Connector, Inverted - $15
G727A Grant Continuity - $5
M9312 Bootstrap Terminator - with Intersil M1-7621-5 PROM in ROM 1 - $60
Emulex SC02/A SMD disk controller; SU0210401 Rev E bootstrap; emulates
Digital RP11/RP02/RP03; includes BDV11-compatible line-time clock - $50
M8061 RLV12 RL01/02 QBus Disk Controller - $45
M7957 SG-2 I/O Communication card - $35
USDC 10-1108-02 QBus SCSI Controller - $150
SMS 0108 - some sort of Qbus disk (SCSI?) multi-controller?; has an 80186
and 4 SMS/OMTI PLCC chips - $best offer
AD413B Unibus hex module - has two 50-pin connectors; can't find info? -
$best offer
M8189 KDF11-B CPU - unknown condition; has a succession of maintenance
stickers: REJECTED 11/22/84; Clock circuit fails 3 Oct 91; BOOTS UP OK 17
May 96; photos upon request - $40


Apple 3.5" Drive - $25
Apple 800K External Drive (M0131) - $20
Roland CM-32LLA Sound Module - $60
XOR 12-slot S100 backplane with integrated power supply in chassis; no
cover, compact (~12"x18" footprint); good voltages - $35
Electronic Solutions Inc. Multi-CAGE Multi-Bus 12-slot backplane - $5
Vector 4610 Plugboard - STD buss prototyping board, solder pads on one side
in structured rows and gold plated edge connector, includes original
paperwork LA25-P2 Layout Paper and other inserts - $5
Ampro Little Board/Plus - quirky version unlike other units I found online;
has "Abaton" silk-screened onto circuit board, which is longer than the
usual LB/Plus; mounted with a 5.25" floppy drive in a small form factor
plastic/metal enclosure; cosmetic damage in front from being dropped on one
side; unable to test, as is, photos upon request - $50

Additional information and photographs for any item upon request, but
please have serious intent to purchase and not just being a looky-loo as I
field a lot of requests and it takes a lot of time to process.

I'm happy to negotiate a bulk price for multiple items. Your purchases are
always packed efficiently with superior care and materials. Shipping is
from California. Local pick-up is highly encouraged (you get to shop my
inventory in person). International purchasers are always welcome.

As always, please send inquiries to me directly via e-mail at <
sellam.ismail at> for fastest response.



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