RX02 Difficulties

Aaron Jackson aaron at aaronsplace.co.uk
Sat Dec 16 10:48:21 CST 2017

>     > From: Aaron Jackson
>     > It was the disks after all.
> Well, I'm glad you got it working. Where'd you get a good floppy?
> 	Noel

Friend popped over with an RX02 drive and a working RT-11 floppy. The
drive worked with my controller so I tried the disk in my own drive and
it booted up straight away.

He suggested it might be likely that all my drives were magnetically
erased before I got them. I think this is quite likely.

There is still one RX02 mystery though... VTserver will not dump the
working disk, despite the system being able to boot from it. It's double
density, so I am a bit surprised.


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