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> On Friday (12/15/2017 at 07:57PM +0000), Henk Gooijen via cctalk wrote:
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> > I have not yet had time to build/test it, but a few months ago there
> > was an RL01/RL02 emulator project on VCF.  You need a PDP-11
> > with RL11 controller. The RL0x emultor connects to the RL11
> > just as an RL01/RL02 disk drive and you can assign it any drive
> > number (0 - 3).
> > But what is really nice is that the emulator cooperates with
> > real RL drives. So, you can have one real RL0x drive and up
> > to 3 “emulated” RL drives. The storage is a flash card.
> > The RT-11) command .COPY DL0:*.* DL1: works (where #0 is real,
> > and #1 is flash).
> > After the copy you pull the flash card and copy it on a PC.
> I am interested in this.  Does anyone have a reference/link to the thread
> on "VCF"?   Searching for most of these terms has not found me anything...
> In fact, searching for ANYTHING on VCF finds me nothing.  Curious.
> Chris
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> Chris Elmquist

I looked for the thread and I can't find it either.  It's almost like
someone deleted old threads, or achieved them.  I will check into it.

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