BT139-600G Triac Equivalent

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sun Dec 17 05:23:18 CST 2017

I have a suspicion that this component may be faulty on the input side of my
H7826 PSU. A little tester I have does not recognise it, it is possible that
the currents it uses are too low for this particular triac, but I am not


There are new ones on ebay, but I am not sure if I can trust ebay sellers to
have genuine parts. So I would like to identify a suitable replacement. I
have found a few suggestions for replacements, but looking at the datasheets
many seem to have a lower peak gate power then the BT139. I am not sure what
the critical parameters are, so I don't know how to choose a replacement.


Can anyone suggest a good replacement for this part?





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